Choosing Retreads for Your Fleet

Choosing Retreads... A SMART DECISION D K E sustainable solutions is our business Retreaded Tires Are Proven Safe And Reliable Only quality tires that pass rigorous multi-point inspections go into the retreading process, ensuring the manufacture of quality retreaded tires. The safety and reliability of retreaded tires has been studied at least six times over the past two decades, and each study has concluded that retreads are just as safe as new tires. Retreads are used safely every day by commercial airlines, U.S. military aircraft, school and municipal buses, delivery trucks, passenger cars, government vehicles, and emergency transport of all kinds. Modern retreading includes a 10-step process that requires multiple inspection points and highly automated and advanced manufacturing technology. Retreads Deliver On The Dynamic Future Of A Circular Economy Retreading is the original green industry and the sustainability benefits are hard to beat. Consider these points:  Retreading conserves oil. The synthetic rubber components in a new medium truck tire require approximately 22 gallons of oil, but it takes only 7 gallons to retread.  Nearly 300 million tires from cars and trucks are thrown away by Americans each year, but the use of retreads keeps millions of tires out of landfill .  Retreading has positive impacts on all areas of the environment , including reducing: CO 2 emissions, natural resource extraction, water consumption, air pollution, and land use. To learn more about how retreading can save your fleet money without compromising safety, performance and reliability, visit TRIB CalRecycle