Choosing Retreads for Your Fleet

for Your Fleet Choosing Retreads A SMART DECISION Compelling Reasons To Consider Retreads Retreads provide the lowest total cost of ownership and greatest return on investment in your tires. Retreads are safe, reliable and go through rigorous testing before being delivered to you. Retreads are a key component of the circular economy. Retreads provide massive environmental benefits to your company and the world. Retreading Is An Excellent Way To Save Money The retread industry has always been about delivering a quality product at an economically advantageous price. Modern commercial truck tires are specifically designed to be retreaded multiple times and premium new tires provide multiple retread guarantees for their products. Research has shown that retreading a premium tire two times can keep that tire on the road up to 500 percent longer than an ultra low-cost tire. Each time a fleet retreads a well-manufactured and maintained tire, they save more than 50 percent compared to buying a high-quality new tire.